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More please…

Last year this simple, straightforward picture of my daughter was licenced for over $US9,000. Used on billboards throughout Germany in advertising for Germany’s biggest health fund, it was the probably best stock photo sale I’ve ever had. While it is obvious that Rights Managed licence fees are declining, I’d be well content with a couple more sales a year at this level. Let’s hope that the market can still sustain them.

Cassie V signlr

For those of you who might be concerned  that I am exploiting my children, we have a deal: they get 5% of the gross fee.  Cassie’s $450 that week was pretty good pocket money for an 11 year old. She spent it wisely buying herself a plane ticket to the mainland to visit her aunt and on a shopping spree in Melbourne. Please note: No children were harmed in the making of this ad.

Billboard in Germany

To see more of my stock photography go to here.


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Trawling through the archive

Terence Stamp, 1968

Terence Stamp, 1968

Recently, I began to cull a lot of old material; negatives and transparencies, some going back as far as the 1960s. I came across some pictures I had taken in England of actor, Terence Stamp, while shooting publicity material for MGM. The movie Far From the Madding Crowd was about to be launched and I took this picture during a press conference in 1967 or 68. He had just got back from Texas where he had been making a western called Blue and I remember thinking he looked rather scruffy.

In retrospect, by today’s standards he looks well groomed…but how cool? He still is…

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The cold light of day…

In the light of this cold, Hobart winter morning, I see that in the early hours, I commited myself to writing a blog. Actually my first commitment was to upload some pictures; so I better get some clothes on and go strap myself to my desktop machine for uploading.

First task: replace the banner picture.


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Anyone out there?

It’s presumptuous of me, of course, to assume that anyone might be interested in the musings of an ageing photojournalist at the fag-end of his career… but I’m an opinionated old man, given to communicating the things that amuse, irritate and interest me…and this blog might just prove to be a good way of tieing up my bundle of personal experience, reminiscence and sometimes peculiar slant on life. If it interests anyone, that’s fine. I’ll do my best to amuse, engage, inform and entertain.

Right now it’s 2 am in Australia’s island state and time I got my head down. I’ll think about adding some of my pictures in the morning…


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