More please…

Last year this simple, straightforward picture of my daughter was licenced for over $US9,000. Used on billboards throughout Germany in advertising for Germany’s biggest health fund, it was the probably best stock photo sale I’ve ever had. While it is obvious that Rights Managed licence fees are declining, I’d be well content with a couple more sales a year at this level. Let’s hope that the market can still sustain them.

Cassie V signlr

For those of you who might be concerned  that I am exploiting my children, we have a deal: they get 5% of the gross fee.  Cassie’s $450 that week was pretty good pocket money for an 11 year old. She spent it wisely buying herself a plane ticket to the mainland to visit her aunt and on a shopping spree in Melbourne. Please note: No children were harmed in the making of this ad.

Billboard in Germany

To see more of my stock photography go to here.



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3 responses to “More please…

  1. Good of you to have earned a dollar out from the simple photo of your daughter. Be thankful, you are lucky indeed to chosen for given a license.

  2. robertwalls

    I am thankful, Jhon…but after 47 years as a photographer, like Thomas Jefferson, I’m a great believer in luck. I find the harder I work the more I have of it.

  3. robertwalls

    Of course if I had placed this picture with a microstock agency, I probably would have only “earned a dollar” from this picture. RF it would have earned more, but probably not much more than a few hundred dollars at best.

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