One of the thousand reasons I live here…

Double Rainbow over the Derwent, Hobart, Tasmania

Double Rainbow over the Derwent, Hobart, Tasmania

One of the many reasons I choose to live in Tasmania, is the beauty of the constantly changing light. At this latitude, even the worst of days is likely to offer something of interest to the photographer.

I photographed this double rainbow over the Derwent River a month or two ago. At my back was the vibrantly beautiful, pocket city of Hobart (population: 150,000)… and I was less than ten minutes from home.


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5 responses to “One of the thousand reasons I live here…

  1. edi

    Double rainbow photos, rare and nice.

  2. robertwalls

    Thanks Edi…not so much rare, but always difficult to find a good context in which to photograph them. Usually there are power lines or television aerials in the way.

    This one hung around for the best part of an hour until I chased it down to this spot on the foreshore in Battery Point, just a few minutes from the centre of town. I got my picture and three minutes later it was gone.

  3. That’s a beautiful shot! Your explanation of how you got it illustrates how much perseverance truly good photography takes – it’s the difference between good and outstanding. Thanks for sharing, Rob.

  4. This is a wonderful shot! It is difficult to photograph rainbows and to have two! WOW!

    • Thanks Janice…in that this is the first time I’ve photographed a double rainbow successfully, I am now in the position to inform you that two are no more difficult than one:-) I’m just lucky to have encountered a pair that hung around for long enough for me to position them against a good backdrop. That’s the hardest part of all…

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