Honky Tonk Photography

Mick Jagger, Hyde Park free concert, 7th May 1969

Mick Jagger, Hyde Park free concert, 5th July, 1969

Hyde Park, London,  5th July, 1969. From time-to-time to young photographers will show me pictures from rock concerts and with an apologetic tone try to excuse the minute size of the musicians on the stage, because they were so far back from the action.  How did I get so close? Long lens? Not particularly. This was shot with one of those very heavy old Nikkor 85mm-250mm f4.0  zoom lenses. The trick was to turn up six hours before the gig…and earlier than the 250,000 people in the crowd behind me.

If you’d like to know more about this concert (including a list of the other musicians who performed) there’s a good write-up here.

The publishers of this video of young Jumping Jack Flash performing “Honky Tonk Woman” claim the crowd was 500,000. Suffice to say, it was a whole bunch of people…and if you were at the back of that crowd, even the longest lens would not have helped.

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