The salvage of flight 1549 by Stephen Mallon

An absolutely fascinating series of pictures by Stephen Mallon of the salvage of Flight 1549 from the Hudson River. The kind of industrial shoot that many photographers would give their eye-teeth to do. 

I find there’s something strangely archeological about the pictures, even though the plane went down only a few months ago. Stephen’s documentation is wonderfully comprehensive, from portraits of the workers through to the fuselage being transported through the city. The juxtaposition of a a large, relatively intact, passenger aircraft body in an urban setting is unreal. To see Stephen’s pictures go here.


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3 responses to “The salvage of flight 1549 by Stephen Mallon

  1. Irene Walls

    Great photo’s.
    Also love the funnel web, as i have no fear of spiders.

    • I’ll take your word for it on the spiders, Irene. I think if you’d seen Phoebe (the funnel web) up close, ready to strike, with a droplet of venom glinting on her fangs, you just might have felt the tiniest frisson of fear…she was formidably aggressive.

  2. Some nice portraits of the workers.

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