Random acts of art?

Photographers like myself, from the pre-digital era, will remember the quirky images that would sometimes occur when you burst off the first two or three random frames in winding on a fresh roll of 35mm film. While pictures made without any calculated intent whatever can hardly be called creative, there was an indefinable quality about them that was often appealing. I kind of wish I had kept those fragments of film.

This picture occurred on the end of CF card from a corporate assignment I shot in Melbourne yesterday. Must have bumped the shutter release when I went to get a cab to the airport. Can’t explain why I like it, but I do…

Accidental art?

Accidental art?


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4 responses to “Random acts of art?

  1. severnyproductions

    because you can see movement with a certain clarity

    • In this instance there may be movement with clarity…but that still doesn’t explain the appeal of an accidental photo that could just as well have been made by a CCTV camera. Maybe it’s just the serendipitous composition.

  2. at our age we probably like that kind of softness of image as we see the world like that with our eye-sight slowly fading. @>)


    • I would agree with you Roel, if we actually looked through the viewfinder when these accidents occur. Perhaps it’s that having spent a lifetime organising elements within a rectangle or a square, that makes the random nature of “compositions” like this so appealing.

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