Somewhat surreal…

A relic of future archaeology?

A year or so ago I rescued this shop-window dummy from the recycling shop that is an adjunct of our city dump. Far too handsome to become landfill, mounted on an old tree stump, he has been doing sterling service as a rather metrosexual, garden sculpture-cum-scarecrow. For fairly obvious reasons we have christened him Vincent de Milo.

For some months, I’ve been thinking of photographing him in various locations. Yesterday, he had his first outing to the beach where, inspired by the remnants of the Statue of Liberty sticking out of the sand in the final scene of Planet of The Apes, I visualised him in the role of some future archaeological find. What next for Vincent? Watch this space…

Vincent in his more prosaic job as garden watchman

Back from the beach: Vincent in his more prosaic role as garden sentinel.


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7 responses to “Somewhat surreal…

  1. I like the ocean picture very much. haven’t you had the urge to dress him up yet. I’m so immature like that…lol.

    • He has worn a baseball cap…and he’ll wear a scarf when winter hits. I also imagine him wearing an old winter hat with ear flaps and a bandage on his ear as he metamorphoses into Vincent Van Gogh. The possibilities are unlimited. But for the moment he enjoys the summer sun with his hairless chest and buffed six-pack.

  2. Lynn

    this is a cool post, i’ll check back and see where vincent de Milo turns up next. if you visit my blog again please sign my e-guestbook with your avatar and i’ll be sure to feature your blog next wednesday. yours looks like a cool site.

  3. Irene Walls

    Great shots , the creative mind takes time to think before it sets of to work , have fun with Vincent.

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