Cruising the Whitsundays on the Solway Lass…

WARNING: THIS POST MAY CONTAIN STRONG SENTIMENTALITY. If you are allergic to such, please come back in a few days when there will be more down-to-earth postings.

Twenty years ago, on the 20th of January 1990, my wife Sulyn and I celebrated our wedding on Sydney harbour on the 127 foot, square rigged schooner, Solway Lass. Discovering that she was now cruising the Whitsunday Islands on the Great Barrier Reef, I booked a three day cruise on her for a second honeymoon.

This is Suzi giving her impression of a ship’s figurehead as I, with 10-20mm Sigma on my Nikon D90, nervously coax the bosun in closer under the bowsprit.

The Solway Lass making eight knots under sail

Did we have a good time? I think the smiles in this photo, as we cut a surprise chocolate cake presented to us by the crew, say it all. The 20th January, 2010 was in the words of Lou Reed “One perfect day”.

Sulyn raises a glass of champagne as we cut our anniversary cake. Topping and tailing 20 years together with two superb parties on the Solway Lass was just...neat!

Solway Lass’  Skipper Paul Creswell, was not just chosen for his film star good looks, he is also a skilled mariner and a charming host.

Skipper, Paul Cresswell, steers the Solway Lass to a safe anchorage in the late afternoon sun.

To describe the trip without resorting to hyperbole is just not possible. Sulyn says she has to keep pinching herself to believe that only four days ago she was diving alongside Green Turtles in the Whitsundays. All I can say is that I’m not going to wait 20 years before I go back…sometimes this photographer’s life reaches near perfection.



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9 responses to “Cruising the Whitsundays on the Solway Lass…

  1. Noice 🙂

    Angie and I were married on the Tamar River last May, and it was just the best.

    I can fully appreciate the magic of the voyage, the joy, just brill!!!

    Love it!

  2. Pete Lam

    Sensational to see yourself and Su celebrated your anniversary in style Rob! I still remember the ship and wedding on the harbor from 20 years ago, I must be getting old.

    • It’s futile try to avoid the cliche, but it really does seems like yesterday that we sailed out from the Sydney Opera House with the Bounty replica crossing our bows. We are all getting old, but the 20 years spent married to your sister has been the best voyage of all. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday. About time you took me trout fishing.

  3. Irene Walls

    Great anniversary photos , very romantic .

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