This working life

A craftsman carves a Huon Pine plaque at The Australian Wooden Boat Festival

I’ve started a new blog called This Working Life, devoted to the photographic documentation of work as it is in the opening years of the Third Millenium. This a long term project in which I hope to cover all aspects of the modern working life. It will be interesting to see where it leads me…


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6 responses to “This working life

  1. A fantastic project, Rob. I look forward to seeing the end result in a couple of years.


  2. Thanks Roel. Been looking for something to get my teeth into for a while.

  3. Pete

    Good to see some images after you talked to me in Melbourne about it Rob. This is just an observation but I find it interesting that all the images so far are B&W…..

    • Pete, because this subject is so reliant on content , I think colour would be a distraction. I love colour photography, but find that stripping a picture back to black and white makes the information a picture contains more compelling…you are not thinking about the colour of a subject’s shirt, or distracted by a splash of red in the background. That is not to say that I might not change my mind at some point during the project: I’ll be shooting colour digital files, but thinking in black and white. However, the end result will be a dual archive of both. (Now back to editing those wedding photos…groan).

  4. Love the black and white new blog Rob .

    • Thanks Irene…this is just the beginning of probably the longest project I’ve ever tackled. I’m planning to take it into fairly radical directions in terms of a commentary on work. Have I got the energy? Time will tell.

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