Urban postcards…

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Though I live on an island renowned for its scenic beauty, I’ve always found the built environment more inspiring than nature. You can take a boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the boy, I guess. These are just a few of my favourite urban views from Sydney, New York, Penang, Hobart, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Amsterdam.


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8 responses to “Urban postcards…

  1. Such vibrant colours! hmmm – that’s what I’m going to suggest to the photographers group here as a topic to do one day on one of our outings!

  2. I’ve always been drawn to vivid colours, Zurina…and seek them out wherever I am. Subtle tones just don’t move me in the same way. I guess you’d already have gathered that from the banner on my blog.

    Actually the yellow wall with the roosting pigeons is not very far from you, in Johor Baru. There is a beautiful street of shop houses in the Indian section of JB, in pink and yellow and blue, that I have sold pictures of, quite often. A much better place to find vibrant colour than Singapore.

  3. Guido Benschop

    Hello Rob,

    Nice Pictures!! I like The Luna Park and Sydney Opera.


    • Thank you Guido…winter setting in down here, I felt the need for a splash of colour. I trhink my favourite is that zany picture of the guy playing jazz on the piano on the pedal boat on the Prinzengracht in Amsterdam. It reminds me of the little unexpected aspects one continually encounters in Dutch society.

  4. Hi Rob , beautiful colour shots , are you making postcards of them ?

  5. Thanks Irene. No…postcards are much too entrepreneurial an exercise for me…and the return too small for the effort, unless you’ve got good distribution. You need to be a Steve Parrish to make that sort of thing work.

  6. I am like you, Rob. I love city scapes and bright colours and love the little slide show you put on.


    • Thought of you when I included the Amsterdam shot, Roel…it appears you either share a name with either the musician or the boat owner at Mauritskade – 1.

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