Happy anniversary to this photographer’s blog

I see it is exactly one year since I started this blog. I’d  like to thank all those readers and commentators who have made writing about this photographer’s life, so much fun in the past twelve months.

Now in my 68th year, I find that there is still a lot of life left in this particular photographer. I’m about to embark on a major project; probably my biggest assignment ever, photographing the subject of work. (See This Working Life). This should see me traversing almost the entire continent (Australia) over the next 12 months. I’m sure it’s going to provide many anecdotes and a load of good pictures.

I’ll tell you more when it gets under way…


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11 responses to “Happy anniversary to this photographer’s blog

  1. Look forward to your next project Rob and thanks for the last year been great inspiring work .

    • Thank you Irene. I’ve enjoyed not knowing what direction this blog might take…and my next project is a little like that…a journey that I’m hoping will allow me to arrive at a book and an exhibition by 2012. The journey begins tomorrow morning with a five hour bus trip to pick up my wheels for the trip…

  2. How exciting to have a year long event planned. And to have an exhibit planned at the end. Look forward to seeing the photographs…and to hearing the anecdotes.

    • What is exciting about this project for me, Zurina, is that I have the financial backing in place to do the work. For the first time in my life I can devote myself to a subject knowing I don’t have to direct my energies into making a living. It’s a wonderful feeling.

  3. Great your doing a book, where will the exhibit be?
    Hope not to far away for me to be able to see it.
    Wish you luck on your creative journey.

    • I still have to shoot the pictures Irene, but the creative “journey” began this morning with the 300km drive back from Devonport and my new (secondhand) Toyota Hilux which I am hoping will take me around Australia. The objective is a book and exhibition, but both still have to take shape…and I won’t know what that shape will be until I’m at least half way into the project.

      This morning, before sunrise, I was sitting on my bed in the Edgewater motel near where the Bass Strait ferry leaves for the mainland; the place where I’ll be boarding the ferry several times in the next year. My thoughts drifted back to 1964. I don’t know if you remember when I was sent by The Australian to work in Goulburn for a couple of weeks with Vince Smith? Smith was called back to Canberra and I was left to follow up on several stories. Before he left Vince said that a Swedish photojournalist and a writer had just checked in to the motel. They were on a huge assignment for a magazine called, Femina photographing couples in love, around the world.

      Feeling in need of a bit of company, and curious about these professionals from the northern hemisphere, I screwed up my courage and knocked on their motel room door. By way of introduction and to ensure I was welcome, I had a bottle of scotch clutched in my left hand. As you’d remember, in those days you could guarantee that journalists drank. That did the trick. They dragged me in and sat me down. As the level of the bottle fell, the anecdotes flowed and I revelled in the stories they told. I think it was meeting them that gave me the resolve to do what they were doing; travelling the world in search of stories, adventure and experience.

      Sitting on my bed this morning, on the edge of another adventure, I imagined the youthful ghost of myself outside the door, with clenched fist poised to knock…

  4. Great poetic image Rob keep knocking.
    Still like to see your story on Biafra ,remember Hans Fuerrer not sure about the spelling he wanted to meet you in London after you had been there to hear your stories .
    Love Irene.

  5. Late 70s went with Hans and model wife to the Pinnacles west Australia for a Vogue shoot.

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