Photos within photos…

Discarded memory © Rob Walls 2010

Photos within photos: a fascination. They are like a slice of time contained within a slice of time; a mirror reflected within a mirror. Like looking at a scene through a door framed within an open window. I came across  this discarded portrait of an Australian soldier. It had been rescued from the city dump. I wonder where he ended up?


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3 responses to “Photos within photos…

  1. Old photos are indeed a fascination, Rob, and even more so in old frames.

    Capturing history is such an important aspect of photography and one I am always aware of when shooting.

    What will people think about our photos in 100 years. Where will they end up?


    • To me Roel, the fascination is with the old photo within the “frame” of a new photo…I’m not particularly concerned about where my pictures will end up, whether they will be throiwn away, kept or appreciated. I think posterity is made up a surging tide of photographs; some will endure by luck alone, others will be fussily preserved only to be lost to the shoe-box of life.

  2. Like Roel, whenever I take a photograph, in particular a family portrait, I often think about how portraits looked like previously, versus how they look like today, and whether they will withstand time.

    I for one find it hard to throw out a photograph…

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