A very ambitious assignment…

Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, 15th July) I’ll be driving onto the ferry, The Spirit of Tasmania, to cross Bass Strait and begin a project I initiated at the beginning of this year. It is a self-generated assignment to photograph the changing nature of work in Australia. It is probably the the most ambitious assignment I’ve ever undertaken.

During the coming year, I intend to criss-cross the continent photographing as many aspects of work as I possibly can.  But not just work; also the way work affects peoples lives.

This first six week trip will take me approximately 3,000km around the state of Victoria and up into the mining town of Broken Hill in New South Wales. In September, I’ll be photographing work in my home state of Tasmania. In November, I’ll either be travelling the east coast or making a trans-continental dash East to West across the Nullarbor Plain to Eastern Australia before the summer reaches its peak.

This is an adventure I approach with a little apprehension. I’ve set the bar high. You can follow my progress on my blog; This Working Life.

The project is currently funded by Jobs Australia.


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7 responses to “A very ambitious assignment…

  1. Good luck with your project Rob! If you’re around this way, not that there’s a great deal of work done here, I fully expect to see you! It surely is a huge task but I imagine you’re already editing it down carefully! Cheers Dave H

  2. I’ll get there Dave…and look forward to catching up. I still have to see where the project will lead and the shape it will take, but I think my subjects will end up dictating that. It’s a bit of a leap in the dark.

  3. Good luck Rob. It is a very exciting project and I look forward to seeing the results sometime next year I assume.


    • Thanks Roel…I’ll be posting my favourite pictures regularly, as I go, on my This Working Life blog.

      I’ve three audio-visuals to produce from the Victorian and Tasmanian pictures for the Jobs Australia annual conference in October, before I take off again in November. Still trying to make up my mind whether to do an East to West run or South to North up the East Coast next.

      But for now, it’s off at 9am tomorrow. I’ll probably have a pretty restless night, tonight. I don’t know about you, but for me there is no better feeling than being on the road…to anywhere with a few decent cameras handy.

    • Thanks Irene. I love it that I have to make a journey by ship to start this project. It somehow underlines the idea. The prospect of watching the sunrise over Melbourne tomorrow morning, with all that unknown before me fills me with great excitement.

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