Recycling photos…

I am probably a photo heretic, but I’ve always found the industrial landscape more interesting than the natural landscape. Today, I worked in a recycling plant and fell in love with the batches of plastic waiting to be processed, especially the compressed bales. The patterns and detail were just a treat for the eye, or my eye at least. I could imagine one of these one tonne bales as an art installation in my garden, but I don’t think I’d get it past my wife. I think I might have to settle for a very large print.

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6 responses to “Recycling photos…

  1. I too love that kind of stuff, Rob. Industrial “art” makes great photos.


    • I’m going to have a close look at these when I get home, Roel and see what they may be like when blown up huge. There’s all sorts of little details; print;words;shapes in some of these that make them quite intriguing. Something rather Rosemary Gascoyne about them. God help me; I hope I’m not turning into an artist in late life:-)

    • Thanks Irene; I think I’m on a bit of a creative roll. Liberated from domestic concerns, no client or art director breathing down my neck, no deadlines other than those I impose myself. Rolling down the Great Ocean Road in the late afternoon sun, with Puccini loud on the CD player, a whole bunch of interesting pictures of clowns from early this morning in my cameras; as close to pure bliss as I could imagine.

  2. You are an Artist, what a rich life- Puccini and Clowns can’t get better than that.

    • Thank you for the compliment, Irene…but I’ve always considered myself just a photographer. It’s for others to decide whether I’m an artist. If they do, it’s a bonus.

      Rob (now in Mildura)

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