Time for a big sit down…

In a land obsessed with BIG, it appears that in the last week I’ve been traversing the land of the big sit down.

Deck chair, Deakin Avenue, Mildura, Victoria © Rob Walls 2010

Park bench, Broken Hill, New South Wales © Rob Walls 2010


Filed under art, Australian, Digital photography, documentary photography, Photographer, Photojournalism, Stock photography, travel

3 responses to “Time for a big sit down…

  1. Yes we are indeed the land of the Big whatevers, Rob.

    Sadly not a country where politicians and decision makers think big often, but who cares, we have the big pineapple, the big crocodile, the big cow, the big organge, etc.


  2. Very funny Rob, like to see a self portrait by a big thing.

    • I keep thinking of pictures I could have shot after I’ve left a place, Irene.

      My greatest regret is not having shot video of the crashed Toyota on the road to Broken Hill. Two of my cameras have the capability to do that, but after a lifetime in stills it’s nothing something instinctive to me. The isolation of that scene and the built-in country music sound track would have made it like the opening scene of something by Wim Wenders.

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