Simon Cowling’s Sidetripper Exhibition 2010

Friend and colleague, Simon Cowling has been exhibiting recent work at Perth Galleries in North Fremantle and his large-scale prints are selling very well indeed. According to reports twenty three pictures sold on the opening night.

Apart from being a superb photographer, Simon is a meticulous and skilled digital printer and it shows in his work. I’m delighted to say that he will be printing my next exhibition through his print service at Temple Dog Studio and Gallery.

Jardins Majorelles, Marrakech by Simon Cowling ©

To see more of Simon’s beautiful photography go here.

Congratulations, Sim!


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2 responses to “Simon Cowling’s Sidetripper Exhibition 2010

  1. Yes, a great show of very good creative photography and brilliant printing!


    • I think Simon’s printing disproves the complaints of all the hand-knitted darkroom-printing nay-sayers. Whenever I hear all that guff about traditional printing, I remind myself that Henri Cartier Bresson managed to gain the admiration of just about every photojournalist alive…and he never made a print.

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