More photos from the road

With a little space to breathe, here are a few pictures from the Broken Hill to Shepparton leg of my journey:

Photographing work sign in the Living Desert National Park, Broken Hill © Rob Walls 2010

The big picture © Rob Walls 2010

Road to Gee Gee Bridge near Swan Hill © Rob Walls 2010

Paddle Streamer Motel, Swan Hill, © Rob Walls 2010

Texting @ The Old Port, Echuca © Rob Walls 2010


Filed under art, Australian, documentary photography, Photographer, Photography, Photojournalism, Rob Walls, Stock photography, travel

3 responses to “More photos from the road

  1. You appear to be having a ball out there, Rob!


    • I am Roel. Mind you, the little details, filing of model releases, uploading CF cards to computer, backing up hard drives, etc can prove a bit boring…but then I tell myself, in tnhe morning, I get up and go out, shoot waht I like, with no-one breathing down my neck…and there’s at least another year to go. The hard part will be sustaining the momentum.

  2. Great outback shots Rob.

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