Homeward bound…

Thousands of kilometres and a load of pictures later, I’m finally on my way home. As a photo gypsy, five or six weeks is about all I can manage away from family and my own bed. At 7.30pm tonight the Spirit of Tasmania will be heading out in Bass Strait into some fairly heavy weather, but in photographing the first officer this morning for my, This Working Life project, he assured me that with the waves on the starboard quarter, it will be a comfortable ride to Hobart.

In the meantime here are a few quick final sketches with the Canon G11 before I depart Melbourne for home…

Newspaper and magazine vendor, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, 19th August © Rob Walls 2010

Getting rid of the dust, car wash, 20th August. © Rob Walls 2010

At the lights, Latrobe Street, Melbourne, 20th August © Rob Walls 2010

The Burnley tunnel, Melbourne, 20th August © Rob Walls 2010


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2 responses to “Homeward bound…

  1. It was a kind of an epic trip, Rob, so welcome back to Tasmania in time for election day and all the excitement and disappointment it might surprise us with.


    • Thanks Roel, got home at noon today. First thing: took my wife and son to vote (his first time). Looking forward to watching the tally tonight. Have a feeling there will be a Green landslide in Denison.

      As for the “epic trip”: I had travelled 4,923 km by the time I got home; and that one was just dipping my toe in the water. It’s only just begun. There is to be at least three more tours in the next year, and I think each will be about double that distance. Now gathering my energy to photograph work on my home turf.

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