Arts Freedom Australia protest rally, Sunday, August 29th

I live in Tasmania, and am grateful that the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service takes the liberal approach that it does in recognising the symbiotic relationship between photographers and landscape, by giving professional photographers the freedom to photograph in our national parks. This state was blessed with two of the best wilderness photographers in Olegas Truchanas who in turn was a mentor to Peter Dombrovskis. Coincidentally, both died pursuing their craft in the wilderness they loved.

On Sunday, 29th August at Campbells Cove in Sydney there will be a demonstration against Parks Australia’s  iniquitous laws that restrict professional photography at sites such as Uluru and Kakadu. The demonstration is organised by Arts Freedom Australia.

More information here:

More coverage on Google News:

Coverage of the protest in the Sydney Morning Herald:


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8 responses to “Arts Freedom Australia protest rally, Sunday, August 29th

  1. The eroding of our liberties has become a serious issue for photographers and the wider community.
    By allowing people in power to take away more and more of our freedom, we give the more power and that is very dangerous!

    That photographers should have restricted access to places because of terrorism is stupidity. That Australian photographers should get permits to work in our own nature, while foreigners can do as they like is racist.

    Roel Loopers

  2. I can only agree, Roel. When challenged these arrogant bureaucrats, as Ken Duncan put it, scuttle like cockroaches from the light. They hide behind the egregious claim that photographers are allowed to take pictures “for personal use” without charging a fee; as though making prints to stick into an album was some kind of privilege granted from on high, and of value to society. The trouble with this country is that our freedoms have never been asserted in a way that would concentrate the mind of these cockroaches.

    Currently Waverley Council are even claiming the need for a permit to shoot aerial pictures over the council area!

    If you need any excuse to maintain your indignation, you should read this story on Ross Barnett’s blog:

  3. I have left a message on Ros Barnett’s blog as well, Rob. No wonder photographers tend to drink a wee bit. The lunatics in charge are driving us to it.

    Roel Loopers

  4. I love Roel’s comment! Can I quote him?

  5. You sure can Ross, with full name, email address, website, blog, whatever!


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