A photo gypsy again…

In the morning, I’m off to cross the Bass Strait again on second tour of the This Working Life project. This time my intention is to ramble through New South Wales going as far north as the Queensland border before heading west out to the opal mining town of Lightning Ridge. From there the plan is to begin to loop back in a south westerly direction through Walgett, Brewarrina and Bourke before angling back towards Sydney.

The wonderful thing is that without a fixed itinerary, when I get to the mainland, I may decide to cover this ground in reverse. Haven’t made up my mind yet. Freedom! Such a luxury!


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4 responses to “A photo gypsy again…

  1. trish pepper

    great to see you on the Net. coming back to broome one day?

    • Hi Trish…in the autumn hope to be driving across to the West. Might manage it then. Haven’t worked my itinerary yet, but am hanging out to get back there. Will be staying with Bruce in Sydney next month.

  2. Bon Voyage Rob, hope to see you when your in Sydney.

  3. last time I was in Bourke the streetscape was one of shop windows covered with wooden planks against vandalism, but it was also the first town where blackfellas were not humbugging me, but invited me for drinks, which was a lovely change after months of buying them booze.

    I envy you Mr Walls!!


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