The art of conference photography…

From time-to-time it is the professional photographer’s lot to have to photograph conferences. Conference photography can be mind-numbingly boring work, but it helps if you can divert yourself with a bit of personal photography during the more tedious sessions.

I’ve just spent three days photographing the Jobs Australia annual conference at the Hilton on the Park in Melbourne. With speakers such as climate scientist, Dr Tim Flannery, futurist Professor Peter Ellyard, the ever thought provoking lecturer and writer, Waleed Aly, and the rapier wit of master of ceremonies, comedian, Rod Quantock, this conference was far from boring.

But to keep sharp and remain alert to picture opportunities, this is how I honed my eye, shooting these behind-the-scenes, personal observations:

Conference accreditation © Rob Walls 2010

Drink waiters at the MCG welcome reception © Rob Walls 2010

Between sessions delegates hammer their mobile phones in seemingly endless communication © Rob Walls 2010

Beneath a conservative exterior a guest speaker expresses his non-conformity through his flamboyant socks © Rob Walls 2010

Federation Square, on the way to the conference dinner © Rob Walls 2010


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6 responses to “The art of conference photography…

  1. Nicely done Rob….know exactly what you mean about conferences. Here’s to you for still garnering the enthusiasm….

    • Thanks David…but this conference was one of the good ones. I had the opportunity to show three audio-visuals of the This Working Life project as well as being able to get up and talk about it. I’ve just finished editing 1300 pictures down to about 300 and loaded them onto a USB stick. As soon as I hand them over tomorrow morning, I’m on the road in the direction of Bourke. Look forward to seeing you and catching up in a couple of weeks.

  2. Very good observations of conferences and life, Rob. I really like the photos.

    It is indeed one of the challenges for photographers to stay sharp during tedious conferences, or other boring assignments, and I do what you did and start shooting stuff for myself, so not to get complacent.


    • Thank you Roel. Someone once said that no photography assignment is boring if you charge enough. Spent part of today stocking the ute with wine, beer, CDs and books and now six weeks of pictorial freedom and the accompanying mild psychosis of the perpetual yoyeur loom, at the end of the freeway.

  3. Great shots Rob for the start of your visual adventure.

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