A few postcards from the edge…

The edge of New South Wales that is…a few wry observations as I head east from Lightning Ridge to Byron Bay:

Lightning Ridge © Rob Walls 2010

The grocer's apostrophe is alive and thriving in Wee Waa, NSW...or maybe the owner's name is Pizza? © Rob Walls 2010

I'll vote for that! © Rob Walls 2010

It says "Authorised personnel only". Druids in Glen Innes? © Rob Walls 2010

Great addition to the rural landscape. © Rob Walls 2010

Theatre facade in the hamlet of Deepwater between Glen Innes and Tenterfield. © Rob Walls 2010

If you've ever dreamed of running a country newspaper...© Rob Walls 2010


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4 responses to “A few postcards from the edge…

  1. Not sure if I am falling in love with this country again through your photos, or with you, Rob.

    The latter would mean a major shift away from my adoration for women.


    • 7am in Tenterfield and still laughing…almost too much to type.

      I’d stick with the women Roel. You know what terrible partners photographers are.

      I’m off to Nimbin this morning. Maybe some of my natural cynicism will surface. My love of this country is somewhat tempered, by what the food in the boondocks is doing to my digestion. If you are what you eat, it explains a lot about our fellow Australians.

  2. With 3300 people The Star would have a pretty slim margin methinks Rob!

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