More postcards from the edge…

Breakfast on the road. A serious business, best conducted under a shady tree. The kettle on the gas stove is a visual joke. The Alessi kettle was the obligatory prop in every kitchen interior of every home design magazine of the 1990s. This one was a wedding gift from my brother, Andrew. At home it gathered dust. On the road it is used every day. © Rob Walls 2010

So far I’ve travelled 4,500km in 14 days. I’m now in Gunnedah in Central New South Wales to photograph the livestock auctions before heading to Dubbo and then angling back towards Sydney through the Hunter Valley. Here are a few more observations from my visual diary that might amuse:

Antique shop and hot rod 1932 Ford, Maclean on the Clarence River

In a rash of "bigs", the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour was Australia's first. I can remember having my picture taken in front of it 50 years ago. © Rob Walls 2010

One for Guido Benschop. Blueberry orchard, Glenreagh, near Coffs Harbour. © Rob Walls 2010

Odd juxtaposition, Woolgoolga. © Rob Walls 2010

The future? Maclean, NSW © Rob Walls 2010

Quick, I need those lemons NOW! Bellingen. © Rob Walls 2010

One oil spill too many? © Rob Walls 2010


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6 responses to “More postcards from the edge…

  1. Self portraits are not allowed! @>)
    Lovely series again, Rob.


  2. Guido Benschop

    Hi Rob,

    It’s a longtime ago!!But that’s a funny toilet on wheels. Here in Holland the winter is coming and Sinterklaas!! When I see your pictures I want to go to the Big Banana!!!. Maybe when I retire…!!

    • I’ll keep my eyes open for more for you…but I’ve discovered that the best pictures of mobile WCs really only occur when you can discover them in isolation. Now I’m in the wide open spaces of “the outback”, I find the “outhouses” start to become more interesting. Don’t wait to retire to visit…you are a photographer. You’ll never retire.

      Warm regards (it’s summer here and I have to find a Santa Claus to photograph)

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