The Ebor Campdraft

A few days ago I came across the Ebor Campdraft. Campdrafting is a competition in which highly skilled riders practice the craft of “cutting out” individual cattle from a group of animals by using their riding ability and the agility of their horse prevent it from following its natural instinct to rejoin the mob.

Having “cut out” the beast they then have to guide it through a course of right and left hand turns and through a gate. That’s about as much as this particular novice could make of the event after I stopped to photograph it on Saturday. Because the finals were to occur the following day, I drove back the 80 km from Gunnedah to take more pictures. Here are a few pictures from the event:

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8 responses to “The Ebor Campdraft

  1. Wow they are beautiful Aus shots Rob.

  2. Gettin’ around aren’t you, old son?

    • And then some, Sim…5,000km in 18 days. In Dubbo now, working out how to circumvent the Western Plains Zoo refusal to co-operate in This Working Life. Hoping an old man slowly pedalling through on one of their rental bicycles with a Canon G11, might be the way to get what I need.

  3. nicky

    do you have more pics?

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