A few postcards from Bali

McDonalds, Sanur © Rob Walls 2011

Starbucks, Ubud © Rob Walls 2011

Balinese fast food © Rob Walls 2011

More Balinese fast food, Sanur © Rob Walls 2011

A society that thinks painting lots flowers on a garbage truck has to have something going for it. Ubud © Rob Walls 2011

Especially one that can convince tourists to pay money to have their fee nibbled by fish. © Rob Walls 2011


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7 responses to “A few postcards from Bali

  1. The resourcefulness, colour, smiles, vibrancy, etc. of Indonesia and the countries in our region, is so inspiring.


  2. Irene walls

    Great Bali shots Rob.

  3. Thanks Irene…just posted some more…a break from editing several hundred more conventional travel shots for stock.

  4. jon love

    hey Rob
    Like the snaps, good to see you churning it out!.. and I note link to Anton Corbijn here, one of the most unique shooters ever. Keep and travel well!

    • Greetings, to you too, Jon. Can’t help myself. Churning it out is right. Four week holiday with daughter, 2600 exposures. We older photographers have to keep busy..and Corbijn has been a firm favourite of mine for many years. Hope you are well…will give you a call next time I’m in Sydney.

  5. Cool photos. I love the colors. Plus, I always get a kick out of seeing Ronald McDonald… he’s everywhere.

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