Balinese legong…

Conventional though the pictures may be, I just couldn’t resist posting this slide show of Balinese Legong dancers performing in Ubud. Their grace and beauty was incomparable…

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6 responses to “Balinese legong…

  1. Conventional they may be, Rob, but beautiful as well!


    • Thanks Roel…as you’d well know, these tend to be the bread-and-butter shots as far as travel stock goes. For your interest, they were shot with the Nikon D300 using Nikkor 80-200mm F2.8 zoom at around 135mm. Exposure: hand-held at 1/250th @ 2.8 at 1250ISO.

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  3. Irene walls

    Stunning shots Rob.

  4. Further to my earlier comment Roel…you might be interested to know that I’ve just got a test upload of these shots through Alamy’s rigorous quality control. This really says something for the Nikon D300’s capability at high ISO settings and the processing quality achievable in Lightroom 3.0.

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