The silvery light of the Coorong…

On the road again for the This Working Life project: travelling westward on a trip that will eventually take me nearly 7000km to Port Hedland on the other side of the continent, I made a detour through the Coorong  at the mouth of the Murray River.  With recent flooding rains, the waters at the Murray mouth are at levels that have not been seen for years. I found the geography of the Coorong surprisingly similar to the Camargue, at the mouth of the Rhone. It’s a similar mix of marshes and low salt flats and is also on the edge of a wine-growing region.

The weather was unseasonably cold and wintry, but the silvery light was magnificent as the sun played hide-and-seek behind clouds and squalls of rain. I can understand why this beautiful wild region of Australia can be so seductive for photographers. I’m determined to return here on my way home, in a couple of months.


The silvery winter light over the marshes of the Coorong near the mouth of the Murray River in South Australia © Rob Walls 2011

Bench by the railway line at Milang, near Lake Alexandrina, South Australia © Rob Walls 2011

The Hindmarsh Island bridge at Goolwa, South Australia © Rob Walls 2011




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7 responses to “The silvery light of the Coorong…

  1. No wild horses like the Camargue used to be famous for, Rob.
    Not sure if they are still roaming around there.


  2. No bulls, or cowboys either, Roel but there are still good pictures. Don’t know if you remember my posting on the Camargue:
    Talked to the car driver from that long ago trip who now lives in New Jersey, only a few days ago.

  3. trish pepper

    coming to Broome??

    • Unfortunately, I won’t be making it to Broome on this trip, Trish…but I will get there later in the year when I go on a 60km walk in the Kimberley in August.

  4. Irene walls

    Great to see your new road trip shots Rob.

    • Thanks Irene…MTC (more to come) as they used to write on a journalist’s copy. Now in Adelaide and about to begin a crabwise progression via Ports Pirie, Augusta and Lincoln before crossing the Nullabor. Excited about rolling out a swag under a desert sky.

  5. Those are gorgeous. I love the blue bench. And that road. I can almost feel what it’d be like to drive up…

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