Postcards from South Australia…

Gradually making my way west across South Australia, I’m now at the tip of the Eyre Peninsula, my stepping off point to cross the Nullarbor to Western Australia. The countryside is breathtakingly beautiful, but I find I’m still most attracted to the marks we make on the landscape. When it comes to heavy industry, I’m invariably torn between the damage it does and the energy and geometric beauty of its structures.

Horsedrawn tram, Victor Harbor to Granite Island © Rob Walls 2011

Graffitied water tanks near Port Augusta. Did Chloe marry Bill? © Rob Walls 2011

Whyalla's namesake, the ex-RAN corvette © Rob Walls 2011

Shop opposite the Whyalla Secondary School © Rob Walls 2011

Steelworks, early morning, from Hummock Hill, Whyalla © Rob Walls 2011


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18 responses to “Postcards from South Australia…

  1. ukulefty

    Beautiful photos, love the water tank surrounded by very typical Australian red dust! I lived in Oz for 20 or so years but hardly saw any of it apart from my home state of Queensland, shame really.

    • Thanks…this trip for me is about joining up the dots. I’m driving between all the places I’ve flown into over the years and am getting to understand the bits in between.

  2. TheBlackTwig

    Interesting photos. And I agree with you that it’s quite ironic that these “junks” are somehow beautiful 🙂 Thanks for sharing and I really love the photos.

  3. Now there’s something about those old steelworks eh Rob…what is it? You’re right about the sheer geometry but something more, something lost, an age gone for this place anyway…I mean they were remarkably low key weren’t they! Very poignant and that pampas grass, I remember stealing some from the old railway yards in Glebe island years ago for my garden….then suddenly they were selling it in nurseries for landscaping!

    • These places are still working, Dave. Though not at the capacity of old. I’d love to spend more time there and get inside, but I had to move on. Now in Port Lincoln and hoping to look at aquaculture tomorrow. There’s another shot from the same vantage point (Hummock Hill) here:


  4. Lovely observations yet again of what Australia is all about, Rob, and I agree with your sentiments as well.


  5. Thanks Roel. I sometime wrestle with the fact that I find human endeavour much more interesting than untouched wilderness. Perhaps being a pragmatic atheist means I can’t “glory in the wonder of God’s creation” and so am condemned to delight at the creations of man:-). Now, off to see what oyster farmers do for a living.

    • “Comdemned”? Not so, Rob. Your articulate photojournalism is a true celebration of humankind’s evolution, revolution, contribution and, if need be, “absolution”.

      There’s certainly no need for your own ablution.

      But you know this.

      Nicely done…!

  6. paul kearney

    Rob, love the boat!

    • I think every Australian town should have their namesake ship parked in the centre of town, Paul. Can’t you just see HMAS Melbourne parked in Fitzroy Gardens?

      • So what then was the implication with the undignified sinking of HMAS Adelaide by the NSW socialists off the coast north of Sydney?

        Would the once proud warship have been better sucuttled, balanced atop the head of Queen Victoria by the Addledaide Markets?

  7. Irene walls

    Great shots again Rob.

    • All I can say again, Irene, is thank you. More to come…up in the dark tomorrow morning to photograph oyster farmers at Coffin Bay.

      • Excellent photojournalism Rob.

        But “up in the dark” to take pix of the marvellous marine mucous farmers?

        By lunchtime you’ll be “infra” red or two to go with those superb South Aussie oysters…!

        Now, for the next Coffin Bay essay I’ll hope to see some of your Kirlian work 😉

      • I porbably didn’t express that too well. Up in the dark to travel the 60km to where they would be when the sun came up, Theo

  8. Irene walls

    Yummy oysters, did you see my comment about paper Rob?

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