Continental crossing…some postcards from Highway 1

The jetty at Ceduna, South Australia the starting point for crossing the Nullarbor      © Rob Walls 2011

The journey begins © Rob Walls 2011

In 1200 kilometres I saw no camels, no wombats and only road kill kangaroos © Rob Walls 2011

Road train driver Faye Francis-Lewis in front of her rig with her dog Mr Twobow. With her husband Warren as co-driver,  she was driving 75 tonnes of refrigerated tomatoes from Perth to Adelaide. © Rob Walls 2011

A broken trailer axle and the belongings of someone moving their home to the east are scattered along the highway © Rob Walls 2011

Like a Roman ruin in North Africa the remnants of the old Eucla Telegraph Station are swallowed up by the sand © Rob Walls 2011


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4 responses to “Continental crossing…some postcards from Highway 1

  1. I am worried about the increasing self portraiture, Rob. I hope it does not mean you intend to leave this planet? Would be a real shame to lose such a great photographer and man well before his time. &>)


  2. Kind of you to be concerned, Roel:-) but I’m not about to drop off the twig for some time; but since this blog IS about this particular photographer’s life…and is also a way of keeping in touch with family and friends (like yourself), I like to show them I’m still standing.

  3. Irene walls

    Love seeing you in your story and wonderful road shots Rob.

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