What’s the best thing that happened to you today?

About three years ago, while travelling in Borneo with my son, Kim, we befriended a Canadian couple, Carol Mah and Warren Duggan. We hung out together for a few days, bonded by a shared love of music and cold beer. Carol introduced us to a delightful custom. As we raised the first large beer at the end of the day, we would each, in turn, tell each other what the best thing was that had happened to us that day.

Well, today, I was photographing the huge open cut gold mine at Kalgoorlie, known as the Superpit, when an African childrens’ choir disembarked from a large bus to view the mine. Beautiful children; the boys with shaven heads and the girls with tightly-braided hair, they chattered happily as they gazed down into this enormous hole. Well, Carol and Warren, the best thing that happened to me today, was when their choir-mistress called them together and they gave an impromptu performance to the dozen or so of us gathered on the viewing platform.

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If you would like to share my delight and hear the Watoto Childrens’ Choir go here.


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4 responses to “What’s the best thing that happened to you today?

  1. Carol Mah

    Thanks for sharing this, Rob! We miss you and hope to meet up again. This winter perhaps? Thanks again for this. Reading this post, by the way, is the best thing that’s happened to me today. Cheers!

    • Couldn’t mention you without letting you know you were starring in my blog. Miss you too. My winter (your winter) venture this year was to take my daughter to Bali and Lombok. There are two or three pieces about that trip on the blog too. By the way, Kim started studying at the Conservatorium of Music this year.

  2. Irene walls

    Found this post very moving Rob, love the Watoto Childrens’ Choir.

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