Postcards – travelling West to East…Part two

Abandoned farm kitchen in the West Australian wheat belt © Rob Walls 2011

Salt mine at Lake Deborah, Western Australia © Rob Walls 2011

Truck driving sunrise, Nullarbor Roadhouse June 1, 2011 © Rob Walls 2011

Roadside shrine, Nullarbor Plain © Rob Walls 2011

My last campsite for this trip © Rob Walls 2011

Did it never occur to the signwriter, why "Shielas" required a grocer's apostrophe and "Blokes" not? Toilets at the Iron Knob Motel © Rob Walls 2011

Hitman? Probably a lucrative sideline for the butcher at Crystal Brook, SA © Rob Walls 2011

This puzzled me for nearly 1,000km. When I got to where I could get a broadband signal I looked it up. Means creeping over the speed limit © Rob Walls 2011

Racing my shadow home © Rob Walls 2011





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74 responses to “Postcards – travelling West to East…Part two

  1. Irene walls

    Poetic Photo Journalist you are Rob.

  2. great photos. it’s beautiful evidence of your rich in experience life.

  3. Some good stuff. I like the last campsite pic the most, personally.

    • Every time I look at my campsite shots I get the urge to hit the road again. I think I must be part gypsy:-) Next month I’m off to the desert in the Kimberley for a few days, but no more big trips till next year.

  4. Great Post – some humorous signs and shrines along the way, love the meat sign. Congrats on being FP!

  5. Thanks for the photos! Stop creeping looked funny at where it was placed.

  6. I like these a lot, well done for getting featured!

  7. These are riveting photographs of parts in Western Australia we as outsiders ever see. Reminds me of my trip to the tropical Brisbane in Queensland 3 years ago.

  8. sk

    I really like your Salt Mine picture. It’s awesome!

    • Thank you. It was an amazing place to visit. I couldn’t get used to the fact of walking on salt as hard as rock…I kept expecting it to be like sand or soft snow.

  9. Camilajl

    Amazing photos!

  10. lclavado

    Love the last one… what a incredible sky 🙂

  11. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Looks like you’re having an amazing journey.

  13. Tracy López

    Really lovely photos. Your campsite and that last one are my favorites.

  14. I know that no one love spam, but you can find some really good music at my blog! come and see!

  15. i’m so jealous! can’t wait to visit Australia. love the pics and love your notes. happy travels!

    • Thank you Eva…if you do visit make sure you allow yourself a lot of time. It’s a big country. I’ve lived here most of my life and I;ve still a lot to see…so come back soon and I’ll show you more of it.

  16. those are some absoutley stunning photos. would you like them reviewed and placed on another blog? with a link to you ofcourse.:)
    i look foward to future entries.
    take care,

  17. Fantastic photos, great to see. So many others take just scenic views that don’t capture the spirit of our country. Happy travels. Try not to creep. Cheers Sue

    • Thanks Sue…gave up the creeping when I discovered it meant “creeping” over the speed limit. I had picked up two speeding tickets on the first trip of this project. Driven nearly 30,000km since then and have been behaving myself since.

  18. Great photographs! I must confess that my favorite is, definetely, the last one. The landscape is simply amazing, and you’ve captured it in a very interesting way! 🙂

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  19. Love the campsite photo and the sign photos! Congratulations on being ‘Freshly Pressed’.

  20. Hi Rob, I’m originally from WA and have spent quite a bit of time up North – you have captured it perfectly! Love the contract killing butcher!

    • Thank you! Can’t wait to get back there. Got an assignment to Broome, next month…one of my favourite places. Then a two day stock photography seminar in Perth in September. If this keeps up, I might have to move there:-)

  21. I have never seen another place with the crisp, openness of Australian light. You have captured it very well, particularly the sunrise and sunset photos on the road… Perhaps Sheila was the name of the only woman in town?

    • Longing to get back on the road again…but for the moment it’s a matter of staying warm in presently very cold Tasmania. Snowing on the mountain above my home at the moment. Love that interpretation of Sheila having her own toilet . Given the size of the town, it would be quite plausible:-)

  22. I LOVE your campsite photograph! I keep saying that I want to go camping and hiking, but I never actually follow through. Hopefully your lovely blog will give me the guts to follow through and make travel plans!

    • Thanks Shannon…there are several more campsite shots from that trip scattered throughout the blog including a post about camping in the Australian outback here:

      I can thoroughly recommend travelling with a swag, rather than a tent, as it takes only a couple of minutes to set up a comfortable, snug shelter without all that hassle of tentpoles and pegs. I can’t wait for spring to arrive here in Tasmania so I can begin to travel in my home state. Right now, I’m looking at blizzard conditions across the highlands of Tasmania, but I’m sure that if I could get up the courage to get out in the cold, I would survive:-)

  23. “Stop creeping” is my absolutely favorite!

    Thanks for the experience.

  24. Those slogans are interesting

  25. genkikitty

    Simply gorgeous! But then again everything in Australia seems to be that way. Thanks for sharing your trip, it must have been fantastic! I’m visiting a friend in Australia in a few months, this makes me so thrilled!

  26. Wow~~ it sounds wonderful!

  27. Love that last shot, it’s a beauty.

  28. Wow what an adventure! I am curious if there really are as many poisonous creatures in Australia as I have heard? Or is that just a stereotype? Anyways if there are you should take a couple of photos.

    • Looks like you are back from Australia already but I look forward to seeing the photos from your next adventure. Any thoughts of where you will be going?

      • Actually I live in Australia, but in the island state of Tasmania. We tend to call that great big island to the north “the mainland”, but I have known locals to say, when I;ve told them I’ve been to Sydney or Melbourne, “Oh, you’ve been to Australia, have you?” My next journey in the spring will be around Tasmania. After that north to tropical Queensland, across to the Northern Territory, then back down through the dry, red desert country of the centre.

    • There are a few nasty biting creatures, but mostly they are pretty shy. But in case you are interested here’s a shot I made of the world’s deadliest spider:

  29. ilieforfun

    Scintillating work 🙂

  30. Perhaps the toilet is named for the only local female? Great snaps, it’s a beautiful country. Fantastic choice in your camping beverage, the dark ale is my favourite.

  31. Truck driving sunrise ……. cool !

  32. I’m hoping someday I’d be able to travel Australia from west to east or vice versa.

  33. You’re brave on the Nullabor. I do it on the Indian-Pacific and sip champers and eat lots of nibbles:) Great posting. Thanks for the fab pics. Loved the dunny shot!!!! Most amusing.

  34. wiibii

    When I was young, my parents took us around australia from Perth-Adelaide-Melbourne-Sydney-Canberra-Brisbane with a car. Best trip of my life.

  35. In Western Europe The Grass is Juicy

    J’aime cette post! Très drôle

  36. kmupublic

    “racing my shadow home” is incredible. blew me away.

  37. lovphotography

    hilarious couldn’t stop giggling to myself as I was scrolling the photos…ok now you are thinking weird but anyhow thanks for sharing your trip

  38. Those are some truly interesting pictures, nice choice 🙂

  39. hey,

    about a month ago i asked if i could review some of the photos on your blog you agreed so today I am 🙂 i will be up in less than 4 hours,
    i am reviewing “racing my shadow”

    thanks for letting me do this,
    if you have any photos that didnt make it on your blog i wouldnt mind seeing them if your interested in showing me please email them to me at

    you are a great photographer keep up the good work 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your interest and the compliment…as for pictures that didn’t make it to my blog, there are just too many to contemplate. I’m currently reviewing about 50,000 pictures for the This Working Life project for some audio-visuals and a book. Next week I’ll be in the desert near Broome for several days, no doubt coming back with another thousand or more pictures. I think there will come a time when I need to sit back and review the work of the last 50 years and try to make sense of it, but for now, I’m just too busy shooting. It’s a disease:-)

      • I understand man. Good Luck with the book! That’s a huge step. I look forward to it coming out. Every so often ill be back to snag another Photo 😉 your up now btw.
        have a great day,

      • I placed the copyright © 2011 by your name. I hope it is sufficient. If I use any more of your photos I will be sure to include that. Thanks for granting me permission to use your photos. 🙂

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