Playful Polaroid photography

While searching for a print today, I came across a little packet of Polaroids. In the fag end of the 80s I had occasional gigs as a consultant to Polaroid. I worked on product launches for several cameras as well as a range of their films. While Polaroid paid well for my involvement, they were also very generous with film and cameras. The copious supply of free film allowed me to indulge in a photographic playfulness that I only rediscovered with the arrival of digital photography. Here are a few of my favourites:

A roller door with graffiti in the Sydney suburb of Chippendale. Coincidentally Otis, the lift manufacturer had it UK headquarters in the town of Reading. © Rob Walls

A pre-Photoshop experimental promotional photograph for Polaroid. That's right a straight photo, no trickery other than the finest nylon filament I could find to suspend the camera against the sky. © Rob Walls

Chinese restaurant, Hobart, Tasmania 1990, displaying sign "MSG used only on request". © Rob Walls

Portrait of Jack Hewett in mask against a Javanese Batik © Rob Walls


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7 responses to “Playful Polaroid photography

    • Thank you…my next blog piece will be about shooting with the new iPad. It seems to give me that same feeling of playfulness that I enjoyed with the SX70. Just wish the iPad was easier to handle and the screen was easier to view in bright sunlight. I’ll show you how I revert to tradition to handle that. Stay tuned.

  1. Someone at the photography department at the Australian Museam Sydney(while I was doing my high school work experience) introduced me to large format photography by setting up a Linhof Technika with a Polaroid back to some Balcar studio lights and photographed a sea shell on a table with a black cloth background.He gave me the resulting picture.I think I still have it at home but suspect it’s seen better days.Thank’s for reminding me of the ‘old days’.

    • Gwyllam, That someone was probably my old friend, John Fields. He was a good and enthusiastic instructor and devotee of large format photography. I have a Frank Hurley picture from New Guinea (1922) that he gave me in exchange for some consulting work for the museum.

      • Gwyllam L Roberts

        Thanks for reminding me of John Fields. Like many people from back in the day I had forgotten his name but I remember him even though I only worked with for about a week. I learnt a lot from him.

  2. Hello, I love that SX70 against the sky, would you sell any of your polaroid art, if so how much please?

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