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On the road again…

After a long hiatus, I’m on the road again with my This Working Life project. This time I’m travelling with my younger brother Terry, on what is known in grey nomad circles as a “half loop”. We are travelling via Adelaide, north through the Flinders Ranges, to Alice Springs and then on to Darwin; back and east into Queensland and then down through regional New South Wales to Canberra. As in the past, I’ll post a record of the country we travel through and the places we see. In this first post, I’m offering some postcards of Western Victoria where we have been travelling for the past few days:

The Wimmera, wheat growing country of western Victoria © Rob Walls 2015

The Wimmera, wheat growing country of western Victoria © Rob Walls 2015


An original Furphy water cart in the town of Rainbow, in the Western Wimmera. It is said that the term “furphy” originated from the unsubstantiated gossip that occurred on farms as workers gathered around the water cart. © Rob Walls 2015


Old shed in the Victorian Western Wimmera town of Rainbow © Rob Walls 2015


Horse trough at the Rainbow railway station in western Victoria © Rob Walls 2015


Second hand store, Nhill, western Victoria © Rob Walls 2015


Window of a print shop, Nhill, Victoria © Rob Walls 2015


A modern but very retro take away restaurant in Shepparton, Victoria © Rob Walls 2016



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