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Those were the days…weren’t they?

Dr Geoffrey and Leanne Edelsten posing with their transport fleet

Dr Geoffrey and Leanne Edelsten with their transport fleet, Sydney, 1986

The 1980s; an era of wild excess.  In 1986, when I was assigned to photograph “medical entrepreneur”, Dr Geoffrey Edelsten, of the chandeliered, white grand piano chain of health clinics, I immediately got off on the wrong foot.

I asked the young blonde who came tripping down the grand staircase of his home, whether her father was in. Not ungraciously, she let me know that she was “Mrs Leanne Edelsten”. Oooops! So with foot still firmly clamped between my gritted teeth I was somewhat surprised when the doctor agreed to wheel out his cars and his helicopter for this portrait.

If you’d like to know more about the life and times of Dr Geoff, his collection of degrees and qualifications, his cars, his opinions and even his taste in music, you should visit his unbelievably modest website here.

While Leanne is now the ex-Mrs E, Dr Geoff is soon to add to his collection of blondes by marrying  25 year-old, Californian fitness instructor, Brynn Gordon (or maybe it’s Brynne Groden…the media can’t seem to make up it’s mind). Word is he is looking for a publisher to pick up the tab for the festivities in exchange for picture rights. No takers so far. Story and picture here.

If you’d like details of Dr Edelsten’s tailor, don’t email me, contact him.

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