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Thinking about work…

Painters at work, Melville Street, Hobart

Painters at work, Melville Street, Hobart

I’ve been thinking about the subject of work at lot lately. Some would say I prefer to think about it rather than perform it. But it occurred to me there are still many jobs that can’t be computerised. These two painters painting the window frames of this old Georgian store in Melville Street Hobart this morning,  can probably feel comfortable in the knowledge that their jobs are unlikely to be overtaken by the digital revolution, any time in the near future.

Camera: Canon Powershot G11

A POSTSCRIPT: driving past the day after, I see that the beautiful remnants of the words “Furnishing Warehouse” have now been sanded off the timber facade. Sad! But they still  live on in this photo.


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Channelling Walker Evans (trawling the archive 2)

Derelict car wash in country NSW

Derelict car wash in country NSW

New South Wales, 1984.

Back in the days when I shot film, whenever I was in a visual rut,  I often found that simply changing format would freshen up my eye.

Most of my work used to be on 35mm. So I borrowed an old 5×4 Speed Graphic and loaded up a couple of Grafmatic backs with Tri-X. The Speed Graphic was the first camera I used professionally when I became a photographer back in 1962 and I still have a great affection for this old work horse.

In a one-horse town on the road to Tamworth in northern New South Wales, I came across this derelict car wash. To me, it had  something of the timeless quality of the subjects of one of my heroes, Walker Evans.

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