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Taking the high ground…

What do you do when signs like this condemn you to staying in heavy metal suburbia? Acres and rows of caravans, SUVs, Winnebagos and mobile homes?

© Rob Walls 2011

I’m getting the impression that every morning in Australia entire tribes of grey nomads uproot themselves and move off in a clockwise direction around Australia, like those great swirling schools of fish that are rounded up by dolphins. Millions upon millions of dollars, entire cities on the move each day.

The night before last, I complied for a single night for $45 for a “powered site”; a place to pitch my swag, park my truck and charge my computer, take a shower and walk 150 metres every time I wanted to take a piss. Faced with those kind of options, there is only one choice for me, become an outlaw.

Suburbia on wheels © Rob Walls 2011

In Exmouth, Western Australia, the tourist guide books recommended watching the sunrise falling on the ridges at Shothole Canyon in the Cape Range National Park. After doing a recce during the day, I calculated both sunset and sunrise would be good,. But risking driving in the dark over several miles of rough gravel road regularly crossed by kangaroos and stray livestock seemed a logical justification for ignoring the law. So, I found myself a well-concealed little campsite, well off the road, a few hundred metres from the canyon and pitched my swag to wait for the light.

My campsite at sundown © Rob Walls

I know which of these two campsites will linger in my memory.

Taking the high ground in Cape Range National Park © Rob Walls 2011

Late afternoon sky Shothole Canyon, Cape Range National Park, Western Australia from my elevated ridge © Rob Walls 2011

The brightest stars of the Southern Cross linger in the morning sky above my campsite as the sun begins to comee over the ridge © Rob Walls 2011

My camp at 6.30am, Cape Range National Park WA © Rob Walls 2011

The morning sun clips the range tops, Cape Range National Park, Western Australia © Rob Walls 2011

The irresistible self-portrait of every solo travelling photographer at sunrise © Rob Walls 2011

I could write a lengthy diatribe about loss of freedom, the shrinking of our horizons, the nanny state, but if I did, I’d have to admit that part of the enjoyment is in defying the restrictions that would corral us all in fenced-off, controlled areas where one’s wallet is captive to the conventional.


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Visual musing on the Great Northern Highway…

Set off from Perth three days ago. First stop, the Benedictine monastery at New Norcia. Spent two nights camped in the bush, as I covered the 1650 kilometres to the iron-ore exporting town of Port Hedland in the Pilbara. Here is a set of pictures from my exploration of this out-of-the-way part of Australia. For those of you who feel that there are just too many pictures of me, this IS my blog, and it’s my way of keeping in touch with family I miss and haven’t seen in over a month.

Checking in to the New Norcia Hotel connected to the old Spanish mission and Benedictine monastery at New Norcia © Rob Walls 2011

All things to all people. Facade, Mt Magnet © Rob Walls 2011

Some meaty alliteration in Mount Magnet © Rob Walls 2011

My camp about 30 km north of Meekatharra © Rob Walls 2011

I guess in a landscape where is the custom to shoot-up roadsigns, this might be considered an intelligent diversionary tactic © Rob Walls 2011

Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn © Rob Walls 2011

Visual poem from the Auski roadhouse in the Pilbara © Rob Walls 2011


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A long way from home; a long way to go…

This trip is like joining up the dots between all the places ever I’ve visited over the years, flying over this vast land, but never experiencing it; discovering the geography of the land between. I’m now 2018 kilometres from Sydney and 1924 kilometres from Perth and just beginning to get an inkling of how vast Australia is. I’m looking forward to what is to come and revisiting a lot of these places again on the way home.

Ceduna, South Australia, half way between Sydney and Perth © Rob Walls 2011

Oyster harvesting, Coffin Bay, South Australia © Rob Walls 2011

The rock formation known as Murphys Haystacks, near Streaky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula © Rob Walls 2011

South Australia has these incredibly long jetties all along its coastline. Their only purpose seems to be recreational fishing. How good is that? © Rob Walls 2011

7.30am: pretending to write in my journal while waiting for the kettle to boil, at my first campsite at Sceales Bay, South Australia © Rob Walls 2011

Every photographer needs a hearty heart attack breakfast to set themselves up for the day. © Rob Walls 2011


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