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Bali postcards: Part 3

A few more off-beat and personal observations from Bali (and Lombok).

Even as the years pass some mind-altering fungii never seem to go out of fashion © Rob Walls 2010

Mountain bike touring through the rice paddies © Rob Walls 2011

Duck herding near Klunkung © Rob Walls 2011

Family on way to temple ceremony, Ubud © Rob Walls 2010

Indonesian cigarette advertising. No comment. © Rob Walls 2011

Child at a temple, Jalan Hanoman, Ubud © Rob Walls 2011

My daughter, Cassie, on mountain bike tour © Rob Walls 2011

Beach, Padang Bai © Rob Walls 2011

Lombok fashion © Rob Walls 2011

Pertamina gas station attendants © Rob Walls 2011


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