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Hot photography…

While in Perth a couple of weeks ago, I had the dubious pleasure of being on the other side of the camera when I was photographed by Nic Ellis, a photojournalist with the West Australian newspaper. He had generously organised a foundry for me to shoot in for my long-term project, This Working Life and had also deemed my project newsworthy enough for the paper.

For a photojournalist, being photographed from time-to-time is probably good for the soul, a pin-prick to the balloon of our vanity and certainly good for understanding of what we often put our subjects through. Now I’ll do anything to help a fellow PJ get the picture they want, but I found this particular instance especially uncomfortable.

This was nothing to do with Nic. He is a sensitive and highly skilled shooter. It was more to do with the particular subject matter we were dealing with. It was hot in that foundry. After all they were melting steel. To get the particular effect he wanted meant placing me very close to several furnaces. The peculiarly pained expression on my face is just that: pain. I was waiting for my shirt to start smouldering and smoke to curl around my head.

Portrait by Nic Ellis © West Australian Newspapers 2011

Don’t get me wrong, Nic. I’m not complaining. It really was a great experience being photographed by you and it added to my fund of anecdotes from this trip to Western Australia. That foundry also provided be with some fine pictures for my project. Thank you, and I hope to return the favour when I come back in September. Maybe you could pose for me up to your neck in freezing water at an oyster farm, or something like that?

For the full story in the West Australian go here.


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Behind the Veil…

This morning, I spent a very profitable hour looking at this multimedia coverage of women in Afghanistan by the Toronto Globe and Mail. The story Behind the Veil – an intimate journey into the lives of Kandahar’s women by staff reporter Jessica Leeder and freelance photojournalist, Paula Lerner, is an outstanding example of the use of new media.

For me this is the finest combination of reporting, photojournalism and video used in coverage of a single subject, I’ve yet seen. If this is not the future of photojournalism, it comes very damned close.

Take the time to to shut out distractions and work your way through this report. It’s fully worth the effort…


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Some days you don’t even have to get out of bed…

Stock photo of a Twitter screen on my laptop © Rob Walls 2009

Licenced this photograph of my laptop screen to a UK newspaper last night. A pretty ordinary, but useful shot. There are dozens of pictures of computer screens of Twitter out there, but I think what may have swung the photo editor behind using this particular picture was the editorial slant I added by using the Tweet, “Still pondering the value of social networking”.

The nice thing about this shot for me, is that it is one of the pictures I made on the first day I bought my Canon G11. Exposure  #83. The little Canon was beginning to pay for itself right from day one.

As is my habit with every new camera, I take it and the manual to bed so I can  work through the settings and familiarise myself with the controls without distraction. While doing this with the G11, I decided to test its macro capability using my laptop screen.

Yep. Shot this while still in bed! There’s something so delicious about earning money without getting out from under the covers…

The cabling and USB connections at the back of my computer.

Didn’t have to go too far for this one that sold today (Friday 14th May) either…


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