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More postcards from Highway One…

The claim that this is the last shop for 1000km is probably true but you can buy provisions at a number of roadhouses across the 1200km of the Nullarbor. General store, Penong, Nullarabor Plain © Rob Walls 2011

Several stretches of the highway are widened to allow the Royal Flying Doctor Service air ambulances to use the road as an airstrip. © Rob Walls 2011

A salt pan near Fowlers Bay. I harvested some of this sea salt and used it in my camp cooking. © Rob Walls 2011

I just couldn't get over the jaw dropping distances you can see as you are driving. © Rob Walls 2011

A refrigerator doing sterling service as a mailbox © Rob Walls 2011

A more conventional oil drum mail box near Jerramungup, WA © Rob Walls 2011

A sheep farmer's warning to dingoes, Western Australia © Rob Walls 2011


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The backtrack to the outback…

I’ve been wending my way northwards through New South Wales more slowly than anticipated. The main thing slowing me down has been the picture opportunities along the way. For a photographer with time to spare, that can only be good.

At the start of the Kidman Way, the road to Bourke and beyond © Rob Walls 2010

No sooner do I get into the Australian countryside than I seem to be overtaken by the spirit of Walker Evans. This is probably appropriate in that the project I’m involved in is inspired by the work of the photographers of the Farm Security Administration. Coincidentally, their work was intended as a documentation of the economic stimulus package designed to lift America out of the depression.

Donna Aitken, proprietor of Cafe Whitton in Whitton, with her grandson, Tyson. © Rob Walls 2010

Facade, Leeton. © Rob Walls 2010

Facade, Leeton. © Rob Walls 2010

Massage practice, Yanco, NSW © Rob Walls 2010

Butcher's shop, Cobar, NSW © Rob Walls 2010

Katrina Schrader, the new barmaid at the Royal Hotel, Mount Hope, mid way between Goolgowi and Cobar. © Rob Walls 2010

Tomorrow morning I plan to photograph a farmers’ rally to protest the Federal Government proposed water restrictions on irrigation. Practically the whole town of Bourke is expected to shut down for the rally. More FSA type documentation it seems…

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr


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A slightly surreal day…

189 km from Broken Hill © Rob Walls 2010

This afternoon, on a gun-barrel straight stretch of road 189km from Broken Hill, I came across this wrecked Toyota Landcruiser. I stopped to see if I could offer any help, but the crash site was deserted, but there was a rudimentary camp site, with a folding chair some rugs and an opened first aid kit.

What made the scene so surreal, was that there was still a CD playing loudly from inside the wreck: Tammy Wynette, Stand by Your Man! I left the music playing and walked away wondering, to the sounds of Johnny Cash. Ten minutes later I was photographing emus…

© Rob Walls 2010


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