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Fake tsunami photos

Sydney Morning Herald photo editor, Wade Laube, on the vile internet photo hoaxers distributing fake pictures purporting to be from the recent Japan tsunami: http://tinyurl.com/4vvzdud

Or read here on Wade’s blog: http://tinyurl.com/4hc7nuf


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A few from the road…

A long way from home with a long way yet to go. I’ve covered more than 2,000km and estimate it will be another 2,000 before I get home late next month. In the meantime here are a few pictures taken along the way:

Signpost, Portland, Victoria © Rob Walls 2010

Defunct business, Geelong, Victoria, 19 July 2010 © Rob Walls

Sculpture by the beach, Geelong © Rob Walls 2010


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Photos within photos…

Discarded memory © Rob Walls 2010

Photos within photos: a fascination. They are like a slice of time contained within a slice of time; a mirror reflected within a mirror. Like looking at a scene through a door framed within an open window. I came across  this discarded portrait of an Australian soldier. It had been rescued from the city dump. I wonder where he ended up?


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100 Eyes Magazine…Bangladesh by Bangladeshi photographers…

This is some of the most moving and powerful photojournalism I’ve seen in many a long year…any comment other than to direct you to this work is unnecessary…
100 Eyes Magazine

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