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Recycling photos…

I am probably a photo heretic, but I’ve always found the industrial landscape more interesting than the natural landscape. Today, I worked in a recycling plant and fell in love with the batches of plastic waiting to be processed, especially the compressed bales. The patterns and detail were just a treat for the eye, or my eye at least. I could imagine one of these one tonne bales as an art installation in my garden, but I don’t think I’d get it past my wife. I think I might have to settle for a very large print.

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Recycling a dead VW

Graham Stingel, kelp harvester on King Island with his VW van

Graham Stingel, kelp harvester on King Island with his VW van

Islanders are  especially resourceful. The smaller the island the more resourceful they are. In my experience, few are more resourceful than the residents of King Island in the wild and windy Bass Strait, between Tasmania and the mainland.  When kelp harvester, Graham Stingel’s Volkswagen van died he found it an ideal place to keep his firewood dry.

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