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Signs from the road…

I can rarely pass an interesting road sign without photographing it. You know the sort of thing; “Beware falling rocks”.  I ponder if the rocks are already falling, how much time do I have to react? You know how it is. Here are a few I came across this week.

And have a good day! © Rob Walls 2011

Use sunglasses? Close your eyes? © Rob Walls 2011

Beware of cameras? © Rob Walls 2011


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A Saturday afternoon near Broome

Red pindan dust on the road to Crab Creek

Red pindan dust on the road to Crab Creek

Working on children’s television series in Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Not much time to blog, not much time to shoot for myself, but caught this shot on the road to Crab Creek this morning.

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