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A temple to commerce…

In the sleepy northern town of Bellingen in New South Wales, there stands this beautiful temple to retailing: Hammond and Wheatley’s Commercial Emporium; established 1900. A lyric poem in brick, iron, glass and timber, this building proudly sings the archaic words of  a bygone age: ironmongery, millinery, drapery, even emporium itself. Proudly maintained, it evokes pride and confidence. It would be a crime if progress were ever to threaten the existence of this cathedral of commerce.


The temple of commerce © Rob Walls 2010

A typographical poem © Rob Walls 2010



More poetry © Rob Walls 2010




The balustraded first floor © Rob Walls 2010

The ground floor lit from skylights high above. © Rob Walls 2010




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Photography for dummies

You know how you find yourself magnetically drawn to certain subjects. I’ve found I have an obsession (slight) with photographing shop window dummies. Is it their immobility? Their inability to object to my photo-taking? Their passivity? I’ve never really figured it out and perhaps it’s better not to know. See also blog post (opens in new window): Somewhat surreal

Mannequin at rest in thrift shop

Shaven headed dummy modelling knitwear

One from way back. This picture taken in 1967 was made in Oxford Street, London. One can't deny the Freudian overtones.


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