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Maybe I can shoot landscape after all…

I’ve never been much good at landscape photography. Which kind of poses the question as to why I would live in such a geographically beautiful island as Tasmania. But I’m a city boy. Nature to me is too often untidy. There’s always something in the frame that grates on my neat-freak tendencies. However, after the wettest winter in more than half a century, I figured there might be a fair bit of water flowing over the falls in Tasmania’s Mount Field National Park. I wasn’t wrong.

Though the weather was still pretty marginal (overcast and showery), I decided to use the opportunity to shoot some HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures. The first of these of Russell Falls, shot from under the deep shade of rainforest and giant Dicksonia Antractica ferns is made up of two exposures. The second of Horseshoe Falls is from a range of five exposures.

I’m so pleased with the results, I’m going to go back in a couple of days to shoot when there is sunshine, to see how that works. Maybe I can get a handle on this landscape lark after all.

Russel Falls from under the fern canopy.

Russell Falls from under the fern canopy, two exposures.


Horseshoe Falls, four exposures

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls, three exposures


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Recycling a dead VW

Graham Stingel, kelp harvester on King Island with his VW van

Graham Stingel, kelp harvester on King Island with his VW van

Islanders are  especially resourceful. The smaller the island the more resourceful they are. In my experience, few are more resourceful than the residents of King Island in the wild and windy Bass Strait, between Tasmania and the mainland.  When kelp harvester, Graham Stingel’s Volkswagen van died he found it an ideal place to keep his firewood dry.

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One of the thousand reasons I live here…

Double Rainbow over the Derwent, Hobart, Tasmania

Double Rainbow over the Derwent, Hobart, Tasmania

One of the many reasons I choose to live in Tasmania, is the beauty of the constantly changing light. At this latitude, even the worst of days is likely to offer something of interest to the photographer.

I photographed this double rainbow over the Derwent River a month or two ago. At my back was the vibrantly beautiful, pocket city of Hobart (population: 150,000)… and I was less than ten minutes from home.


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