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Taking stock…

I’m excited about  conducting a two-day, stock photography workshop at SHOOT Photography Workshops in Perth at the end of next month. Apart from giving me yet another excuse to visit Western Australia, I’m looking forward to using the superb facilities at SHOOT. The workshop will be conducted over the weekend of Saturday 29th October and Sunday 30th October. If you are interested in learning how to make money from your photographs and want to spend an entire weekend immersed in the world of photography enrol now! To find out more, go here.

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Photo education – a new level…

My good friend and colleague, Simon Cowling, has, I believe, taken photo education in Australia to a new level with the launching of Shoot , a new photo studies workshop in Perth.  With the backing of Camera Electronic Pty Ltd, Simon, has created the ideal venue for photographers ambitious to master their cameras and acquire a high level of skill, to learn in a small, class environment.

Now, their promotional material claims that Shoot is “Perth’s premier photographic teaching workshop”. I’d not argue with this, except to say that this could be somewhat of an understatement. I’ve known and taught alongside Simon for 30 years or more. When it comes to photography and the teaching of the craft, Simon Cowling is someone who makes your average perfectionist look downright careless. When it comes to the creation of an environment in which to learn, Shoot is perfect.

Statement of vested interest: later this year, I’ ll be teaching a two day seminar on stock photography at Shoot. I’m really looking forward to it…

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Postcards – travelling West to East…Part two

Abandoned farm kitchen in the West Australian wheat belt © Rob Walls 2011

Salt mine at Lake Deborah, Western Australia © Rob Walls 2011

Truck driving sunrise, Nullarbor Roadhouse June 1, 2011 © Rob Walls 2011

Roadside shrine, Nullarbor Plain © Rob Walls 2011

My last campsite for this trip © Rob Walls 2011

Did it never occur to the signwriter, why "Shielas" required a grocer's apostrophe and "Blokes" not? Toilets at the Iron Knob Motel © Rob Walls 2011

Hitman? Probably a lucrative sideline for the butcher at Crystal Brook, SA © Rob Walls 2011

This puzzled me for nearly 1,000km. When I got to where I could get a broadband signal I looked it up. Means creeping over the speed limit © Rob Walls 2011

Racing my shadow home © Rob Walls 2011





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Hot photography…

While in Perth a couple of weeks ago, I had the dubious pleasure of being on the other side of the camera when I was photographed by Nic Ellis, a photojournalist with the West Australian newspaper. He had generously organised a foundry for me to shoot in for my long-term project, This Working Life and had also deemed my project newsworthy enough for the paper.

For a photojournalist, being photographed from time-to-time is probably good for the soul, a pin-prick to the balloon of our vanity and certainly good for understanding of what we often put our subjects through. Now I’ll do anything to help a fellow PJ get the picture they want, but I found this particular instance especially uncomfortable.

This was nothing to do with Nic. He is a sensitive and highly skilled shooter. It was more to do with the particular subject matter we were dealing with. It was hot in that foundry. After all they were melting steel. To get the particular effect he wanted meant placing me very close to several furnaces. The peculiarly pained expression on my face is just that: pain. I was waiting for my shirt to start smouldering and smoke to curl around my head.

Portrait by Nic Ellis © West Australian Newspapers 2011

Don’t get me wrong, Nic. I’m not complaining. It really was a great experience being photographed by you and it added to my fund of anecdotes from this trip to Western Australia. That foundry also provided be with some fine pictures for my project. Thank you, and I hope to return the favour when I come back in September. Maybe you could pose for me up to your neck in freezing water at an oyster farm, or something like that?

For the full story in the West Australian go here.


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Some postcards from Kal’…

Have been less than 48 hours in the vibrant gold mining city of Kalgoorlie and already have pictures to post:

It takes an hour for these giant ore trucks to drive from the bottom to the top of the Superpit at Kalgoorlie © Rob Walls 2011

A family watching work below in the Superpit © Rob Walls 2011

Kalgoorlie is famous for the pubs of Hannan Street. The Exchange Hotel in the late afternoon light © Rob Walls 2011

The Palace Hotel has a constant update on the gold price on its facade © Rob Walls 2011

The top end of Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie © Rob Walls 2011

The facade of the Questa Casa bordello in Hay Street © Rob Walls 2011

No longer quite the rip-roaring town it used to be, a resident takes his dogs for a quiet walk on Hannan Street at sunset. I did note though, that they were a matched pair of Dobermann. © Rob Walls 2011


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What’s the best thing that happened to you today?

About three years ago, while travelling in Borneo with my son, Kim, we befriended a Canadian couple, Carol Mah and Warren Duggan. We hung out together for a few days, bonded by a shared love of music and cold beer. Carol introduced us to a delightful custom. As we raised the first large beer at the end of the day, we would each, in turn, tell each other what the best thing was that had happened to us that day.

Well, today, I was photographing the huge open cut gold mine at Kalgoorlie, known as the Superpit, when an African childrens’ choir disembarked from a large bus to view the mine. Beautiful children; the boys with shaven heads and the girls with tightly-braided hair, they chattered happily as they gazed down into this enormous hole. Well, Carol and Warren, the best thing that happened to me today, was when their choir-mistress called them together and they gave an impromptu performance to the dozen or so of us gathered on the viewing platform.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to share my delight and hear the Watoto Childrens’ Choir go here.


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Postcards – travelling West to East…(Part one)

A kitchen hand takes a smoke break outside Gino's in Fremantle © Rob Walls 2011

I thanked the owner of this 1978 Mustang for providing this visual treat © Rob Walls 2011

High risk activity © Rob Walls 2011

Wave Rock. One stock shot I can claim is model released © Rob Walls 2011

Life is stranger than fiction in Corrigin © Rob Walls 2011

They love their dogs out Corrigin way © Rob Walls 2011


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