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Winter harvest…

© Rob Walls 2011

Like a Japanese print

black currawong

stealing ripe persimmon

in my garden this morning…

For the bird watcher, these are Strepera fuliginosa. More can be read about these very clever birds here.


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First day of a Tasmanian winter…

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Most mainlanders have an image of the Tasmanian winter as being pretty bleak. They don’t realise that, though we are sometimes referred to as the gateway to Antarctica, we have a climate that is exceedingly temperate. To put it in perspective, an island on an equivalent northerly lattiude is Corsica…and we too grow olives and grapes.

Yesterday was the first day of winter. The sun was shining, it was 16 degrees Celsius and I was traversing the Midlands highway on my way home with a Toyota Hilux pickup I had bought in the northern coastal town of Devonport. This is a slide show of some of the pictures I made on my way home.


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