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A photo gypsy again…

In the morning, I’m off to cross the Bass Strait again on second tour of the This Working Life project. This time my intention is to ramble through New South Wales going as far north as the Queensland border before heading west out to the opal mining town of Lightning Ridge. From there the plan is to begin to loop back in a south westerly direction through Walgett, Brewarrina and Bourke before angling back towards Sydney.

The wonderful thing is that without a fixed itinerary, when I get to the mainland, I may decide to cover this ground in reverse. Haven’t made up my mind yet. Freedom! Such a luxury!


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A very ambitious assignment…

Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, 15th July) I’ll be driving onto the ferry, The Spirit of Tasmania, to cross Bass Strait and begin a project I initiated at the beginning of this year. It is a self-generated assignment to photograph the changing nature of work in Australia. It is probably the the most ambitious assignment I’ve ever undertaken.

During the coming year, I intend to criss-cross the continent photographing as many aspects of work as I possibly can.  But not just work; also the way work affects peoples lives.

This first six week trip will take me approximately 3,000km around the state of Victoria and up into the mining town of Broken Hill in New South Wales. In September, I’ll be photographing work in my home state of Tasmania. In November, I’ll either be travelling the east coast or making a trans-continental dash East to West across the Nullarbor Plain to Eastern Australia before the summer reaches its peak.

This is an adventure I approach with a little apprehension. I’ve set the bar high. You can follow my progress on my blog; This Working Life.

The project is currently funded by Jobs Australia.


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This working life

A craftsman carves a Huon Pine plaque at The Australian Wooden Boat Festival

I’ve started a new blog called This Working Life, devoted to the photographic documentation of work as it is in the opening years of the Third Millenium. This a long term project in which I hope to cover all aspects of the modern working life. It will be interesting to see where it leads me…


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