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It’s a wrap!

Cast and crew pose for a group shot after the final take on Castaway in Broome

Haven’t had much time to post lately with working 12 hour days in the summer heat (40 degrees) and humidity of Broome, shooting publicity stills for the children’s television series, Castaway. But now looking forward to getting home to the cooler climes of Hobart and the family. This was taken last Wednesday, after the director called “It’s a wrap.” My 17 year old son who was along for work experience is on the extreme right of the shot still holding the clapper board he had been using a few minutes before. Homeward bound…


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My Freo view…

My good friend and colleague, Roel Loopers, regularly documents his love of Fremantle through his blog Freo’s View.

Inspired by his devotion to that beautiful city and also by a long and very fine lunch with him and some friends at ECCO a couple of weeks ago, I wandered around the city for a few hours to put together my view of his home town. Here’s my perspective of the place affectionately called Freo. If this modest taste of Fremantle intrigues you, and you want more, you can see Roel’s take on the city and its vibrant life here.

Moonrise over the Fremantle Hotel

Moonrise over the Hotel Fremantle © Rob Walls 2009

A fine lunch with good friends on a sunny Saturday afternoon © Rob Walls 2009

A Fremantle wedding photographer at work on a busy Saturday © Rob Walls 2009

Sunday brunch at Gino's on the cappucino strip © Rob Walls 2009

Beans on toast and fruit juice at Gino's on Sunday © Rob Walls 2009


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